EpZen 5 minute reconnect to calm tips at work

Simple ways to prioritise wellbeing at work

Work stress becoming overwhelming? With a tight schedule of meetings, deadlines and presentations, and a perpetual cascade of emails, it can be hard to find time for lunch, let alone a few quiet moments to restore your emotional balance.

Neglecting this part of your wellbeing however, can have a cumulative effect that leads to fatigue, disengagement and burnout. With a few simple workday rituals, you can maintain your wellbeing during your office hours, empowering yourself to continue performing your best and enjoying the challenges along the way. Here are some ideas:

1-minute mindfulness meditation

Download a mindfulness app that provides quick, simple, guided meditations that you can do right there at your desk. Our favourite is Smiling Mind but there are several to choose from. These meditations will help you become present by encouraging you to tune into your senses, become aware of your body, or practice controlled breathing. It’s amazing how much calmer and more energised you can feel after just a minute of meditation!

Aromatherapy power

An aspect of mindfulness is becoming aware of your senses. This helps slow the rush of past and future thoughts in your mind and brings you back into the present. A great way to achieve this is through your sense of smell. Aromatherapy works to calm the mind by encouraging deep breathing as you inhale the essential oil of your choice.

The EpZen range is created with 100% natural essential oils especially combined to address specific wellbeing needs. It also contains magnesium to help relax tense muscles and calm your mind. Perfect for use during your busy day, EpZen Magnesium Body Lotion and Magnesium Body Spray can be kept in your desk drawer and applied whenever you need a moment of peace. The simple act of gently massaging the nourishing lotion or spray into your tired shoulders, arms and legs will help re-energise and soothe you.

Fresh air

When a particularly stressful moment descends, get some clarity with a quick walk around the block or through a nearby park. The fresh air and change of scenery will help to reset your mind and remind you that there is a world beyond the office walls. If you do happen to have some green space close by (even a strip of grass will do) slip off your shoes, place your bare feet in the cooling grass and close your eyes for a few moments as you reconnect to nature and shift your perspective.

Reach out

A quick chat with a trusted work colleague, caring manager or supportive partner or friend can help you calm down and get clarity when you’re feeling overwhelmed. Find a friend and a cup of herbal tea and take a few deep breaths as you share how you’re feeling.