How to remain calm throughout the day 

How to have a calmer life  

Interested in approaches that help manage your stress before it interrupts your life? Take a proactive approach and create a calm and balanced mindset to prevent stress from escalating. Here are some ways to keep calm and carry on.   

1. Prepare practically   

Daily tasks can produce mild panic when you’re pushed to get to somewhere on time. Avoid the anguish by preparing what you need in advance. Sidestep stressful mornings by getting things ready the night before. Have your work clothes, the kids’ school bags and lunch ingredients ready for the morning.  

To avoid stressful evenings when you’re tired after a long day, get a head-start on weeknight meals on a Sunday afternoon. Either prepare ingredients, cook and freeze, or cook and refrigerate – sauces and soups actually taste better after one or two days.  

2. Prepare mentally  

Life brings inevitable setbacks, challenges and dramas – sometimes on a daily basis. For everything from toddler tantrums to bad bosses, have a plan for how you will respond when things don’t go your way. Remain calm, respond rather than react, take deep breaths, and communicate honestly. Try and be as flexible and adaptable as you can to changing situations. These are just some of the strategies that may work in different scenarios. It’s about controlling your response to the situation and not letting the situation control you.      

3. Everyday mindfulness  

Make time to meditate every day – even just 10 minutes can help. With simple apps like Smiling Mind, Headspace and Calm, mindfulness practice is made quick and simple. All it takes is a quiet space (even your car will do) and as little as five minutes to become aware, centred and grounded. It’s amazing how much more invigorated we can feel after even a short meditation.   

Meditation not for you? There are other ways to become mindful. The simple act of sitting still in a quiet space, breathing deeply, and becoming aware of your senses can be enough to ground you. EpZen Magnesium Lotion can help. This moisturising lotion enriched with Vitamin E contains tension-melting magnesium, 100% natural essential oils and skin-nourishing ingredients to help you become mindful though your senses of touch and smell.    

4. Exercise daily  

Just 30 minutes of moderate exercise a day is all most of us need to keep our health in check, loosen up any tight muscles and get the heart and lungs going. Physical wellness aside, exercise helps you clear your head and become mindful as you focus just on completing your jog/cycle/swim/gym session and nothing else. Nothing eases stress like a good workout.  

5. Sleep well  

Sleep can often have an effect on our moods and the way we respond to stressful situations.  

We all know how difficult it is to cope with life’s pressures when we’re tired.  

The EpZen Sleep range can support you to get a better quality sleepThe range is made with magnesium to help relax you and promote a deeper sleep, plus a blend of 100% natural essential oils intended to help you get to sleep peacefully. Try taking a bath with EpZen Sleep Magnesium Bath Crystals an hour before bed to unwind and prepare for rest. Then, just before hitting the pillow, use EpZen Sleep Magnesium Spray on your arms, legs, feet and stomach for a quality restBreathe. Applying this calming spray every night before bed can support a positive, relaxing bedtime routine and help provide your body with sleep cues.