Plastic Free July: How to reduce single-use plastics

Plastic Free July encourages us to reduce single-use plastic.

Below are EpZen’s top three tips from our social impact manager, Hayley:

1. Start small. Choose one type of single-use plastic and commit to phasing it out of your lifestyle. Some great examples include switching to bamboo toothbrushes, stainless steel or brass razors, reusable coffee cups, beeswax wraps and carrying around your own glass or metal drink bottle.

2. Do what you can. Say no to plastic bags, straws, plastic cutlery, and cups. It can be hard to get into the rhythm of refusing single-use plastic, but it gets easier!

3. Have conversations about reducing single use plastic and encourage friends and family to try it too! If you are leaving the house or office for lunch, ask everyone if they have their drink bottles, reusable bags and reusable cutlery. A little bit of planning can mean you are not tempted to say yes to single-use plastic items when you are out and about.

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What are we doing at EpZen?

At EpZen HQ, we offer reusable coffee cups, have multiple soft plastics bins, and throw single-use plastic-free events! 

EpZen is also a program partner of REDcycle, Australia’s innovative soft plastics recycling program. 

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