Project Reconnect

Helping communities reconnect to calm

How do you keep calm and carry on? One way to look after your mental wellbeing is to practice self-care: doing something that makes you feel good. Whether that’s visiting the beach to surf or swim in the soothing salt water, stretching your cares away in a yoga class, pouring your attention into a creative project, or talking to a counsellor, the intention is to shift your perspective, lift your mood and make you feel happier.

As an Australian owned and made brand, we are dedicated to promoting the wellbeing of Australians through our range of affordable Magnesium aromatherapy body care products.

But we want to do more…

At EpZen, we believe strongly in the importance of creating time to reconnect to calm, especially following the turmoil of the Covid19 pandemic. With 86% of Australians reporting feeling stressed over the past 12 months1 and mental health issues like depression and anxiety being so prevalent in our country, we feel committed to helping restore balance.

We’re achieving this through EpZen Project Reconnect: a program directly supporting those who champion wellbeing in their local communities.

How it works

Project Reconnect works with a range of trusted wellbeing mentors: people practicing in various wellbeing industries including health and fitness, mental health, creative education and many more. Project Reconnect provides monetary grants directly to these mentors, enabling them to easily extend their services to help more and more Australians foster their own mental wellbeing.

We’re launching the project with two inspiring mentors from Surfing Victoria: Monica Fleming and Jordie Campbell. Monica works with women and girls, teaching them to stand-up paddle board (SUP) while Jordie runs surfing lessons with Indigenous youth.

Both Monica and Jordie are embarking on a roadshow throughout Victoria over January 2021, aimed at introducing more people to the wellbeing benefits of surfing and SUP. Project Reconnect will help fund this initiative.

As Project Reconnect progresses, it will support the work of a range of mentors from various fields, all of whom are helping Australians reconnect to calm in different ways.

Sales of all EpZen products will fund this important initiative.

1Source: Lightspeed/Mintel Base: 2,000 internet users aged 16+; 1,713 internet users aged 16+ who have experienced stress in the last 12 months.