Learn easy self-care practices

Self-care rarely tops our to-do list but it’s ever-important to spend time nurturing yourself. Sometimes a little maintenance in the moment is all that’s needed. When you feel yourself becoming overwhelmed with stress, turn it around. Take control and convert those anxious feelings into your moment of calm.

1. 1-minute mindfulness meditation

Take some deep breaths and do something simple to bring your body and mind into the present. A great way to do this is by drawing attention to your senses. What do you hear, what do you feel, what do you smell, right now? This helps remind your brain that you are right here, right now, and you are okay.

2. Inhale, exhale

Taking a few deep, calming breaths can help signal to your brain that things are under control. It also forces you to stop, take a step back and just focus on the moment, which can help take the heat out of a pressure-filled situation.

3. Walk it off

When you are feeling overwhelmed, get a change of scenery. Go outside and take a little walk around the block or to the nearest park. Take some deep breaths, phone a supportive friend to talk it through, or take the time to reframe the situation – remembering it is probably not that important, you’re strong and you’ve got this.

4. Live a healthy life

As life happens, stress happens. Arm yourself to handle it in the best way possible by living a healthy lifestyle. Regular exercise, a healthy, varied diet, drinking plenty of water and supportive relationships are key to ensuring you are ready and resilient.