We all want to be healthy, look good, feel energized, have lots of get up and go to face our days, be productive, and have general enjoyment in our life.

However, sometimes lack of sleep prevents this.

The reality is it’s not always on our priority list, in fact we will often put a lot before a good night’s rest, thinking that if you just miss an hour or two, it won’t affect you too much.

But what if those extra few hours made sleep your Superpower, enabling you to create what you want for your life, to help you to be more productive, to make better decisions, and to be healthier and happier?

Would you think differently about staying up and watching “just one more episode” on Netflix, or working till the wee hours?

So, why is it so important your get that regular 8 hours of shut eye?


When you sleep, your body goes into recovery mode allowing it to restore, revitalize, and prepare it for the next day ahead.

Your organs detoxify, the minerals and nutrients you took in during the day are being stored, your muscles recover, and your cells actively repair any wounds or injuries.

This resting time also boosts your immunity so you fight off illness, and if you have less sleep your immune system can be compromised.

Lack of sleep contributes to fertility issues, heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes and chronic health issues, so see sleep as your natural wonder drug to keep you happy and healthy.


They call it beauty sleep for a reason, because your tissues repair in the resting state, you produce collagen, which prevents wrinkles, and your body increases blood flow to the skin, which gives you a healthy glow.

When you don’t get enough sleep, it leads to fine lines, as well as the dull tone your skin takes on when you are sleep deprived.

If you have less sleep you’ll also age quicker, and it can make a big difference to your longevity, and leading a long and healthy life.


Sleep is very important for learning and laying down memory.  When you’re asleep your brain consolidates the information you took in during the day, forming new neural pathways that create your memories, so without good sleep you won’t remember what you learnt.

You’ll also find it difficult to focus and pay attention optimally, and if you’re tired your mental capacity declines dramatically.

You’ve also probably heard the term “Sleep On It”.  During the night your brain is processing what happened during the day, so particularly if you have to make decisions, giving yourself the overnight test allows your brain to assimilate, so you have more clarity in the morning.


Sleep allows you to regulate your emotions and your mood, and it allows you to make better choices for yourself.  If you’re sleep deprived you don’t cope very well with stressful situations, and you’re more likely to overreact.

Lack of sleep can have a flow on affect to mental health issues, emotional stress and increased states of anxiety, so having good bed time habits will help you to stay calm and have more emotional stability.


The length of your sleep has an impact, and an ideal sleep is 7 to 9 hours, 8 is optimum, consolidated into one block of time at night.  Day time naps can affect your ability to sleep, and disturb your natural body clock.

While you may think you do well on less than 7 hours, you may find that you have other physical or mental health issues arise that you don’t realize are actually related to lack of sleep, and your ability to learn, memorize and be productive is affected.

So, let’s prioritise your sleep, make it your superpower, and discover all the ways a good night’s rest can keep you vital, healthy and give you the feeling that you can do anything!

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