The healing power of aromatherapy  

Let your nose lead you to wellbeing. Aromatherapy involves the use of essential oils extracted from plants and flowers. It has been practiced for centuries as way to heal ailments and promote physical and emotional wellness.

Aromatherapy is still widely used today as a complementary treatment. Essential oils are used on their own or combined with other essential oils to improve our physical, emotional and mental health.

Emotional healing

On an emotional level, inhaling essential oils triggers the olfactory (smell) receptors in the brain which are closely linked to the limbic system: the region that processes emotion. It is believed that aromatherapy works in this way signal to the brain that everything is fine, helping us to regulate our emotions.

More simply, the pleasurable practice of taking a little time to inhale, bathe in, or apply a lovely scent, breathing deeply and calmly, can help us become mindful and contented.

Aromatherapy can help us:

Physical healing

On a physical level, absorbing essential oils topically is believed to trigger a response in the skin that passes on to the joints and other areas of the body that may require healing.

Aromatherapy is used to help ease:

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Your EpZen aromatherapy ritual

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