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how to create a (realistic) spa experience at home

how to create a (realistic) spa experience at home

It’s easy when you know how.

Being a person in 2022 is hard. Most of us are required to go to work, do grocery shopping, cook meals, clean up, fold the laundry and  put it away – how exactly is one meant to live, laugh and love in these conditions? Here’s a cute idea: take a bath. No matter how busy you are parenting/bossing/teeth flossing, you can almost always find time to run a quick tub. You might think bathing is a thing that requires hours to do well, but with the right bath products, you can squeeze maximum relaxation out of a fifteen-minute soak – promise. 

Enter: magnesium. This star ingredient is core to our bathing range because it helps to promote wellbeing through transdermal absorption (that’s science-speak for ‘via the skin’). Yep, magnesium can assist with sleep quality, help relieve fatigue and soothe tired muscles. The perfect bath time addition, it supercharges your calm. Whether you’re looking to feel energised, ready for rest, or just a lot less sore post-Pilates, we’ve got you. Let us clue you in on the prods that’ll create a realistic spa experience at home. (BYO Enya and fruit water.)

You wanna feel… sleepy

Your bathtime BFF: Dream Bubble Natural Aromatic Bathing Bubbles, $15.

Goes well with: Cab sav, Love Island repeats

Great for big and little people alike, this natural bubble bath is enriched with magnesium to promote rest. (Fun fact: it’s our best magnesium for sleep.) Made with calendula extract and aloe vera leaf juice, it’s skin-friendly, foamy and more fun than free gelato. (Ever made a bubble bath bikini? Try it sometime.)

Infused with relaxation-inducing essential oils (see: cedarwood, sweet orange and vanilla), it lathers up for lots of bubbles without the usual skin troubles. Soap-free, this natural bubble bath is gentle enough for the whole family to use. Looking for a natural bubble bath even sensitive types can get amongst? You’ve found it.

You wanna feel… serene

Your bathtime BFF: Calm Soak, $15.

Goes well with: Night mode, caffeine-free Coke Zero, ASMR

These natural magnesium bath flakes are just the thing to relax your body and mind. Designed to help you give stress the middle finger, they’re infused with a trio of calming oils (sweet orange, lavender, geranium). This heavy-hitting blend also works to help soothe aching muscles so that you can cool your proverbial jets.

For best results, switch your phone to do not disturb, pour a drink over jumbo ice cubes (chic) and tee up your favourite ASMR YouTube channel. Lock the door, light a candle, swish a handful of Calm Soak (the best magnesium for stress) through steamy bath water and kick back. Your deadline/dinner/roommate can wait.

You wanna feel… energised

Your bathtime BFF: Recharge Soak, $15.

Goes well with: Snoozing your alarm, compliments

The best magnesium for muscle aches in existence (as awarded by us, obvi), Recharge Soak is the bath equivalent of a hard reset. With zingy pink grapefruit and sweet orange, it helps wipe out fatigue in minutes. Looking for something to jumpstart those mornings you’re running on empty. This rejuvenating hit is it.

Here’s how to shrug off the daily grind. Step one: ditch the gadgets. That’s right – no texts, no scrolls, no screens. Scoop a generous cup into a steamy hot bath and jump right in. These citrusy magnesium flakes jumpstart the senses so you can be back up and running at 100% in no time. Burn out? Don’t know her.

You wanna feel… rested

Your bathtime BFF: Soothe Soak, $15.

Goes well with: Silk pillowslips, PB cups, new sneaks

Calling all gym buffs. These soothing magnesium flakes help hush tired muscles quicker than you can say ‘personal best’. Infused with mandarin, rosemary and cedarwood, they excel at giving your body the TLC it deserves. An easy way to unwind after whatever WOD you’re obsessed with – they’re how realists relax.

Allow these 100% natural magnesium chloride flakes to give your hardworking body a well-deserved break. Can’t remember the last time you squatted, jumped or crunched? You don’t have to be a workout warrior to get amongst. This soothing blend makes me-time better for all bodies, extra-sweaty workout not required.

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