hydration heroes: thirst aid & butter up are here to rescue your thirs - Epzen Australia


hydration heroes: thirst aid & butter up are here to rescue your thirsty skin

hydration heroes: thirst aid & butter up are here to rescue your thirsty skin

Time to bring dry skin back from the brink.

You probably don’t think about bodycare too much. Among all the new serums, eye creams and retinol formulas vying for your attention, the humble body product doesn’t usually shine too brightly.

But turns out bodycare is skincare. And treating your bod with the correct products, ingredients and formulas can help solve – and in some cases, even prevent – a whole host of skin issues, from body acne (aka bacne) to lizard-like limbs.

So if you’re only paying attention to your below-the-chin skin once a year in summer, chances are it’s begging for some TLC. And no, we're not talking about slathering on whatever's within arm's reach and calling it a day. 

Your body craves a year-round skincare routine that’s as hydrating and majestic as the one you pamper your face with. Not sure where to start? We got you.

We’ve got not one, but two, nifty new bodycare products that have recently graced the Epzen lineup. Your dry and scaly skin is going to FREAK (in a good way).

First up…

Thirst Aid – Hydrating Body Serum

It's fair to say that body serums are a bit of an unsung hero in the beauty realm. BUT! They’re actually one of the most vital members to keep in your skincare rotation, mainly because they’re so darn good at delivering potent active ingredients to target specific concerns such as dry or dull skin. 

Cue: Thirst Aid Hydrating Body Serum. No, it's not a drink for your hungover soul, but your skin might argue it's the next best thing. Like a tall glass of water for parched patches, this silky, lightweight serum hydrates and evens skin tone with niacinamide, prickly pear seed oil, polyglutamic acid, and squalane. Plus, it boasts a fast-drying formula that gives up to 24-hours of moisture and won't stick to your jeans. 

Slather it onto damp or dry limbs (post-shower is best) and the clever formula will lock moisture into the skin, banishing flaky patches and leaving the body smooth and supple. What's not to love?

Butter Up – Hydrating Body Butter

If it’s baby-soft, heavenly-scented skin you’re craving, then look no further than our dreamy, creamy Butter Up Body Butter. With a luscious whipped texture, this buttery-smooth goodness is the in-cred-ible hydration hero your skin's been searching for. 

Loaded with a delectable blend of coconut oil, grapeseed oil, sweet almond oil, shea butter, cocoa seed butter, and mango seed butter, it penetrates deep to give your body long-lasting nourishment without leaving a greasy finish behind. 

Better yet, the signature scent of Musky Mirage #84 (a dupe of the famous Biblioteque) will leave you smelling fancy as heck. Complete strangers will literally stop you to ask what you’re wearing.

TIP: Layer up with Thirst Aid and top it off with Butter Up. Soft, irresistibly smooth skin coming right up.

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