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shaving just got a whole lot ~sweeter~

shaving just got a whole lot ~sweeter~

a glow up for your ‘everything’ shower.

Can we talk about how limited the market is for female-focused shaving creams? It's like finding a needle in a haystack—except the haystack is filled with razor burns, skin irritation and painful ingrowns. Basically, we've been stuck in the Dark Ages of shaving for waaaayyy too long, slathering our limbs with dodgy stuff that smells like your grandpa's aftershave combined with a cleaning supply closet.

Your beautiful bod deserves better, so we decided to give it better.

Enter: Whipped Body Wash. It's shaving cream, it's body wash, it's the shower MVP your skin has been begging for.

pretty on the inside

Ever peeked at the ingredients list on traditional shaving prods? You’ll likely find a list of hard-to-pronounce chemicals with a sprinkle of artificial fragrance that says, ‘we tried but not really’. But our Whipped Body Wash? It’s the real deal—packed with creamy Shea Butter, calming Marshmallow Root, and revitalising Niacinamide for happy skin and a razor bump-free experience, every time.

an absolute scent-sation

Ditch the shaving creams that reek of botched science experiments. Dive into our delectable blend that's reminiscent of a warm pancake brekky, thanks to the sweet maple syrup and marshmallow undertones. So even in the tiniest, mouldy-ceiling shower, you can close your eyes and get whisked away by the mouthwatering aroma.

this ain’t no one-trick pony

In the age of multi-tasking (because who has time between TikToking, adulting, and existential crises), Whipped pulls double-duty. No need for a separate body wash, y'all. Lather up, shave, bathe and emerge from the steam smelling (and looking) like a total snack. Your bathroom routine just got easier, and you’re welcome.

easy on the eyes

We're visual creatures. We want our bathroom shelves to look Insta-worthy, and we’re not afraid to admit it. So, obv, we made the packaging a work of (purplish) art. It's not enough for something to work well; it's gotta look good doing it. Aesthetics, dahling.

the texture… the TEXTURE!

Sure, you could use a dollop of your dad’s (drying) shaving foam. But have you ever tried shaving/cleansing with a meringue-like whip? It’s like gliding a cloud across your skin—a cloud that softens the hair, stops friction, and creates slip on the skin for a close, smooth shave free of cuts, bumps, and burns. Goodbye irritation!

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