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question for the group chat: has ‘wellness’ gone too far?

question for the group chat: has ‘wellness’ gone too far?

You don’t need to earn self-care.

Been asking yourself why the wellness world seems to have gone off its rocker lately? Same. What started out as a positive movement that introduced us to the concept of self-care is now all about embracing short-lived fads (juice cleanse, anyone?) and guilt-inducing gimmicks. We’re here to change that. If you ask us, self-care isn’t about treating yourself for a job well done or fuelling yourself up ahead of the next thing on your to-do list. (i.e. you don’t have to earn it.) You deserve it whether you’ve had a bad week or a good week. Including it in your day/week/month shouldn’t make you feel stressed or overwhelmed. And it doesn’t need to cost big bucks, either – all that pretentious self-care stuff is a total snooze. At its simplest, self-care is really just about prioritising yourself in a way that makes you feel good, whatever that looks like for you. So why not show yourself some love today just ‘cause? Here are some ideas for real-world rituals to help get your self-care on.

Run a Magnesium Bath

In our books, there’s not much better than a steamy magnesium bath. Natural magnesium flakes (the kind you’ll find in Recharge Soak, Calm Soak and Soothe Soak) helps boost relaxation and assist with sleep quality. Feeling fatigued? They’re great at softening tiredness. They can even help you give muscle tension the middle finger. For max relax mode, choose salts with a scent you love and sprinkle them generously over warm water.

Mute Your Socials

If you find yourself doom scrolling on TikTok, stop what you’re doing and When you’re feeling down, social media can make things worse. (It’s been tied to disrupted sleep, anxiety and loneliness, after all.) Scheduling regular social media breaks can give you space from consuming endless content by disrupting the 24-hour news cycle. An easy self-care hack, turning off notifications removes temptation.

Take a Hot Human Walk

Keen on a walk in nature? Take a hot girl/guy/human walk. There’s a reason this trend went viral on social media – walking has been proven to boost your mood, shed stress and do other good things for your health. If you’re already feeling overwhelmed by your to-do list, it can be difficult to leave it behind for half an hour of pounding the pavement, but it can be an effective circuit breaker. Nothing enhances calm energy quite like it.

Colour, Draw or Paint

Another simple self-care idea, carving out time to be creative on a regular basis can help to soothe a restless mind. Studies show that colouring has the same ability to calm worrying thoughts as meditation does. If you’re a perfectionist type (guilty!), you might find it tricky to ‘waste’ time – resist the urge to focus on productivity. You don’t need to invest much; a pad of blank paper and some colourful markers will do.

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