Ways To Indulge Your Partner On Valentine’s Day

Show your love

The day of love is upon us and while Valentine’s Day may not be for everyone, it is a wonderful opportunity to show you care with a heartfelt gesture.

Whether you stay home or whisk them away, put a little thought into planning something that reflects your feelings for the one you love. Here are some ideas to get you into a romantic mood. Still not sold on V-day? Try these gestures on your anniversary or any time you want to express your love and gratitude.

Make a memory book

Whether you’ve been together for six months or sixteen years, chances are you have hundreds of photos of the two of you on your phone. Select some of your favourites  and make them into a memory book. You can create a digital photobook and have it printed or do it the old-fashioned way by placing physical photos into an album.

Create a spa experience at home

Does your partner need a little downtime? Show you recognise all their hard work and selflessness by creating the ultimate spa experience in your very own bathroom. First, set the scene. Ensure the bathroom is clean and clutter free, then fill the space with candles and flowers, dim the lights and play some soothing music. Offer them their favourite drink, an interesting magazine and perhaps even a face mask treatment to use while bathing. Fill the bath with warm water and sprinkle in some EpZen Relax Magnesium Bath Crystals. This delightful bath soak will treat your loved one to the soothing properties of magnesium and essential oils including the romantic scents of rosewood and geranium. Have a clean, fluffy towel and bathrobe within arm’s reach for when they emerge from their relaxing soak.

Write a letter

Sometimes the simple things are the most treasured. A sincere, handwritten love letter is a beautiful way to express your feelings and let your partner know how much you cherish them.

Make them a special dinner

Dinner is the most romantic meal of the day – especially when you’ve prepared your partner’s favourite dish. Whatever it is, make it romantic with a special table setting complete with flowers, candles and wine, beautiful music and a luscious dessert.

Plan a surprise getaway

If you’d love to really indulge your partner, whisk them away for a romantic weekend. Don’t have time to book before February 14? Write a little card and give it to them on the day – tell them a special surprise is coming in the near future.

Find a secluded, romantic beach, rainforest or mountain hideaway, or check-in to a chic luxury hotel. Whatever you choose, the chance to spend quality time together is a wonderful way to show your love.

Happy Valentine’s Day. xx