Help and FAQs

Our FAQ’s cover many commonly asked questions by our visitors and customers. Please check below to see if your question has been answered – and if not – please contact us via our website or social media pages so we can assist you.

Where do you manufacture?

Our EpZen products are manufactured in Melbourne, Australia.

How much is one cup of EpZen?

One cup of EpZen is approximately 250g.

Why does my EpZen bag look like it is has become solid/has a vacuumed effect? Is the product still safe to use?

On occasion, you may find that your EpZen product is vacuumed – the product appears to have gone hard and there is no air inside the bag. This product inside is completely fine: the efficacy is the same, and you will find that as you open the bag, the salts will loosen to their original form. We have identified that this is an effect of including the 100% natural essential oil blends with the magnesium crystals. You will find that this effect may vary between different fragrance variants and even between batches of the same variant, as is the nature of natural ingredients. Rest assured EpZen Magnesium Bath Crystals are of USP, pharmaceutical grade magnesium, and despite the appearance of the packaging, this effect has no impact on the efficacy nor the quality of the product inside.

What is the difference between transdermal magnesium and magnesium via oral consumption? Which one is better?

Transdermal magnesium (absorbed through the skin) is a viable alternative to oral supplements. Magnesium sulphate salts, once they are dissolved in water, can be absorbed into cells quickly and readily and bypass the digestive system. This means they are absorbed faster and more efficiently compared to oral magnesium supplements, where most of the magnesium is expelled by the digestive system.

How should I store EpZen?

EpZen bath crystals should be stored in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight.

Is EpZen vegan friendly and vegetarian?

Yes, we are proudly vegan friendly and vegetarian. EpZen does not test on animals.

Is EpZen safe to use during pregnancy?

Our magnesium range is infused with 100% natural essential oils. Essential oils in their pure form are not recommended for pregnant women. Our products contain minimal amounts of oil and as such there is little to no evidence to support the suitability of these types of products for pregnant women. It is best to be mindful that everyone has different levels of sensitivity and it is always best to consult your doctor or medical professional before using essential oils if pregnant.

Can you use EpZen products on a babies/children?

Due to the sensitivity of a newborns skin, we recommend to only use on children older than 6 months. Please patch test before use. Aromatherapy and magnesium can benefit children in assisting with sleep and calming.

Can children be magnesium deficient?

Yes, children can be Magnesium deficient. If you suspect that your child is magnesium deficient, it is best to seek medical advice to determine the cause.

What are the main benefits for children when using magnesium?

Just like an adult, magnesium is required for a child’s bodily functions which include maintaining and improving muscle function, bone formation, energy metabolism and prevention of inflammation. It is beneficial for children as it can assist with mood, energy levels, sleep, immune system and even digestion. Applying the magnesium topically is a great solution for children who struggle to take oral supplements.

What are the main benefits of using Magnesium?

There are quite a large number of benefits that you can get from using magnesium. Magnesium is required for over 300 bodily functions including maintaining and improving muscle function, bone formation, energy metabolism and prevention of inflammation. It can also provide fast results to aid with post-exercise recovery and can assist with the easing of cramps, muscle and joint pain. It is also believed to help slow the sympathetic nervous system, reducing the production of cortisol (the hormone that helps your body respond to stress and danger) and resultant anxiousness.

How often and how much do I need to use the Crystals/Sprays/Lotions to get maximum magnesium benefits?

The amount of magnesium and frequency of usage to get the most optimal magnesium benefit is dependent on a variety of different factors such as gender, age and pre-existing health conditions and will depend on individual needs and circumstances. A general rule of thumb for a bath would be 1-2 times a week, using 2 cups of EpZen Magnesium Bath Crystals in a bath for at least 20 mins, 2-3 sprays on desired areas/whenever required every day for the EpZen Magnesium Body Spray and every day on desired areas/whenever required for the EpZen Magnesium Body Lotion.

Where is your magnesium sourced from?

The Magnesium Sulphate in our EpZen products is of the highest quality, pharmaceutical grade sources available, manufactured in labratory facilities. This ensures that strict quality guidelines are followed during the sourcing and packaging process to produce potent, quality magnesium.

Where are your 100% natural essential oils sourced from?

Our 100% natural essential oils are extracted from plant materials such as flowers, leaves, barks and roots and blended in Australia from imported ingredients.

Are your products suitable for sensitive skin?

Our products have not been dermatologically tested for sensitive skin, please do a patch test before proceeding with a full application.

When is the best time to use your sleep products to improve sleep quality

The best time to use our EpZen Sleep range (Magnesium Bath Crystals, Magnesium Body Lotion or Magnesium Body Spray) is 30mins – 1 hour before bedtime.

What is the best way to apply the Spray/Lotion?

EpZen Sleep Magnesium Body Lotion: The best way to apply this is to rub in to the skin well, focusing on the chest and stomach to assist with sleep quality.
EpZen Relax Magnesium Body Lotion: The best way to apply this is to rub in to the skin well, applying to the whole body to assist with relaxation.
EpZen Soothe Magnesium Body Lotion: The best way to apply this is to rub in to the skin well, massaging into aching muscles.
EpZen Sleep Magnesium Body Spray: The best way is to apply 2-3 sprays and rub into skin well, focusing on large areas of the skin like stomach and thighs to encourage a peaceful night’s sleep.
EpZen Relax Magnesium Body Spray: The best way is to apply 2-3 sprays and rub into skin well, focusing on large areas of the skin like stomach, arms and thighs to assist with relaxation.
EpZen Soothe Magnesium Body Spray: The best way is to apply 2-3 sprays and rub into skin well, focusing on areas of the body that are sore and aching to assist with tired muscles.

Does the EpZen Soothe Feet Magnesium Tonic need to be used alongside the EpZen Soothe Feet Magnesium Soak? Or can one be used own its own?

No, the EpZen Soothe Feet Magnesium Tonic does not need to be used alongside the EpZen Soothe Feet Magnesium Soak, these can be used interchangeably. We recommend using either of the products after using our EpZen Soothe Feet Scrub, but before our EpZen Soothe Feet Balm to perfectly pamper hardworking feet.

What is the main difference between the Soothe Feet Tonic and Soothe Feet Soak?

Either option can be added to your foot bath in order to absorb magnesium via the skin, while enjoying the benefits of aromatherapy. TheSoothe Feet Soak is 100% pure Magnesium Sulphate with 100% natural essential oils. The Soothe Feet Tonic is 30% Magnesium Chloride with 100% natural essential oils plus Sunflower oil to help nourish and moisturise feet. Magnesium chloride absorbs more readily through the skin thus the reason for the lower % of Magnesium in the Tonic. In summary, they are different delivery systems with similar benefits – transdermal magnesium absorption with natural remedial benefits from essential oils.

What is the difference between the Soothe Magnesium Crystals 900g and the Soothe Feet Magnesium Soak 450g?

The key difference between the two products is the Essential oil blend. The Soothe Feet blend is designed for foot care to help improve foot odor and hygiene with each essential oil having unique properties. For example, peppermint oil provides the cooling sensation (menthol) for instant relief of sore achy feet. The Eucalyptus oil is known for is anti-inflammatory properties to help relieve tension and stress of inflamed feet. The Tea tree oil is commonly known for its antibacterial/antifungal properties and typically used as a natural remedy for fungal infections.

Can magnesium be used in a spa or will it damage the pipes and fixtures?

Magnesium can be used in spas however it is recommended that a fresh water flush is conducted every few uses similar to the way a marine going boat is cleaned out with fresh water to prevent salt build up and any potential corrosion.

What happens if you stay in a magnesium bath longer than recommended 20 minutes?

It is recommended that you should soak your body for 20 minutes so you can experience the full advantages of using magnesium. There is no harm in staying in the bath with magnesium for more than 20 minutes. Please consider your comfort, physical health and wellbeing when deciding on the duration of your bath.

Can the Lotions be used on your face?

It is recommended that sensitive areas such as your face are avoided.

Do you sell the essential oil blends on their own?

Unfortunately, we currently do not sell the 100% natural essential oil blends as pure oils. We recommend incorporating aromatherapy into self care rituals that allow you to take a break and make time to reconnect to calm. This is why we have incorporated our blends into products that can be applied to the body, for a complete sense of self awareness.