Project Reconnect Mentor: Yasmina

Yasmina Tulloch-Medigovich, #SeaToSource Project

Connecting people to nature through hands-on conservation activities.

EpZen’s Project Reconnect directly supports those who champion wellbeing in their local communities and help people reconnect to calm. By providing monetary grants to these wellness mentors, Project Reconnect enables them to easily extend their services to help more and more Australians improve their wellbeing.

Project Reconnect Mentor, Yasmina Tulloch-Medigovich, is a Project Officer with Conservation Volunteers AustraliaYas works in the Revive campaign team and leads the #SeaToSource project in Perth, which brings people together to tackle waterway and ocean plastic pollution. Through this project, Yas provides opportunities for people to both connect with and give back to nature by participating in hands-on conservation activities.

“Conservation Volunteers’ vision is for a world in which people and nature flourish together. We are all about connecting people to nature and our #SeaToSource project does exactly that.”

The project pairs education with action, encouraging participants to reconnect with their natural surroundings while learning how to care for the environment with like-minded people.

“People come together to learn about the marine debris issue we are facing on both a local and global scale, and are given opportunities to give back to nature through hands-on conservation activities including beach clean-ups.”

Yas sees first-hand the positive well-being effects that hands-on conservation activities in nature care have.

“I believe connecting to nature and other like-minded people through our project allows participants to become stronger mentally and physically, more emotionally capable to conquer the day and more open to connecting to their calmer self.”

Recognising the role lockdowns, quarantines and social distancing has played in the disconnection with the outside world, Yas sees the opportunity the #SeaToSource conservation project provides in reconnecting people to the community and nature.

“Our participants can feel disconnected for many different reasons. This past year with COVID it has been challenging for everyone and some of us might have found ourselves not getting out into the environment and into society as much as we used to. Some participants might be suffering from poor mental or physical health and as a result might otherwise isolate themselves. Others might not have had the opportunities to learn about and experience the amazing benefits of connecting to nature.”

“Our project allows people to get outdoors and positively contribute to something much larger than themselves, nature.”

Project Reconnect is proudly helping Conservation Volunteers to extend the reach of 3 beach clean-up events and 4 litter survey and monitoring events facilitated by Yas. You can learn more about the #SeaToSource project here.

Revive and #SeatoSource is just one of the many projects offered by CVA to help conserve Australia’s natural heritage and build stronger, more resilient communities. You can learn more about their five campaign areas here.

Getting to know Yas, we’ve learnt that her life is surrounded and shaped by nature, spending her holidays exploring and camping in the wilderness and finding moments of calm in the early morning quiet. We believe Yas is a fantastic example of a wellness advocate in our community.

“Calm to me means slowing the mind and finding peace. I reconnect to calm through my early morning beach meditation practice, followed by a quick dip in the ocean. This practice leaves me feeling revitalised and ready to conquer the day.”

“I grew up surrounded by beautiful forests and beaches. I’ve always had a connection to the environment and a passion to protect it.”

This passion led her to work with Conservation Volunteers on the #SeaToSource project, where she has been able to grow both personally and professionally and develop strong relationships with other passionate environmentalists in the community, all the while witnessing first-hand the results of their collective work.

“Running this project has been very rewarding, the people that I’ve met and the stories they’ve shared have helped me grow as a person, and the conservation work which we have done together so far has been so motivating and gives me hope for the future!”

“I hope for the future that more people can learn to care for our environment, our waterways and our oceans, and experience the calmness that surrounding yourself in nature can bring.”

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